In the early stages of planning and building our brand, we spent a lot of time thinking about our values and what would be important to us and our community. We believed that in an ever-changing environment that continues to evolve at a fast pace, our focus on sustainability could create a community that contributes to the improvement in quality of life. By implementing practices that highlight the importance of sustainability, we hope to encourage others to do the same.


In the first half of 2021 prior to our brand launch, we thoroughly researched best strategies to operate & create with sustainability as the forefront of our practices.We began by sourcing manufacturers with company values & processes that aligned with our brand and locating suppliers that could supply recycled fabrics for our apparel. We also ensured that the team we selected to work with provided healthy and safe working conditions for their employees. 

As of December 2021, we have launched pole and active wear made from recycled TopGreen & Repreve fabrics. Our fabric mix of nylon and spandex are of high quality and strength to promote a buy less and buy better attitude to our customers. 

We deliver these garments to our customers in biodegradable and reusable packaging with our carbon-neutral delivery partners. Our biodegradable mailers allow for quicker breakdown and can easily be used in the compost bin. Where we can avoid plastics, our team uses recycled paper to pack items to still ensure safe delivery.

The Alina Pole team is also making efforts to deliver news and information through digital channels to reduce paper usage.


We are striving towards being as environmentally conscious and sustainable as possible in our operations and to do so we aim to: 

  • Build connections and great relationships domestically to provide pole and dance wear that is fully Australian made
  • Create pole and active wear that is made from other recycled materials
  • Grow the business to provide jobs and healthy working environments for future Australian employees
  • Give back to the community by donating to charities dear to the brand and creating campaigns as an avenue for our APNation community to also contribute
  • Continue to build a community and curate a movement of giving back to the environment 

Help us help you and the environment too! If you would like to share your ideas or insights on how we could better improve our sustainability, contact our team - we would love to hear from you.