So you've stumbled upon the art of Pole?

So you've stumbled upon the art of Pole?

Since stumbling upon the arts of Pole life just hasn’t really been the same, and for some reason I have a feeling that you can relate to this all too well.

Pole does this thing where it sparks a fire inside of us, a warm beautiful feeling of joy, accomplishment & community. That fire in your belly is what gets you to class week in and week out, it pushes us through the endless bruises and unexpected injuries.

It pays particular attention to the challenging moments between the mind, body, and the pole likewise, when our nemesis moves can take up to 30 attempts more to nail than we had anticipated. And in moments like these when self doubt can fill the largest of rooms there is a class full of inspiring creatives motivating you, reminding you that you are simply great. I dare say this because we often forget that our drive lies in contorting our bodies in positions that defy gravity - quite literally!

This is where passion is curated - amongst everyday creatives sharing a bond not many understand. 

The creation of Alina Pole derives from this passion. Our intention is to inspire everyday creatives like you and me to create in confidence not only when we Pole but in all of the peaks and troughs we are faced with each day. 

Come on this journey with us to challenge notions of Pole athletics and let's share to the world this insanely beautiful and artistic lifestyle.