Decided to challenge yourself with the arts of pole 2022? It’s easy to feel overwhelmed before showing up to your first class, and you may be uncertain of what to expect. Here’s Alina Pole’s ultimate guide on how to prepare yourself for your first pole class.

The Attire

A question that never fails to be asked by beginner students: what do I wear to a pole class? Treat your pole classes like an intense workout - your gear should be something that is made with breathable fabric, and is comfortable to move in. Skin contact is an important component for many movements on the pole, so come dressed in a sleeveless top or singlet and shorts. You could even sport our Arise top from the Flow Collection for a high-level of support, increased room for movement, and skin-to-pole grip.

Training Gear

We all love a prepared queen; bring along a yoga mat for the warm up in the first 10-15 minutes of class. A hand towel will be a life saver for those sweaty days and also assists with pole hygiene when wiping down your pole with metho. And most important is hydration -  be sure to bring a big bottle of water because these pole tricks are no joke!

Skin Prep

As mentioned before, many movements and grips in pole dancing rely on skin contact with the pole. Try to avoid moisturising before class, as this will create a slippery film and will be difficult to obtain a grip on the pole. Other creams and tanning lotions may cause the same result. If you still ever feel like you are way too slippery on the pole, studios may provide grip aids, to use in class. Although not advisable to beginner students in order to train grip strength, grips like shaving cream and liquid chalk may be useful. Griptinite is one of the most reliable grip-aids out there - you could never go wrong!


Show up to your first class on time! This may seem like an obvious tip - your studio will most likely require you to fill out forms or waivers upon entering your first class. Don’t be afraid to mention to your instructor or any existing injuries or incapabilities - they will assist in making the best possible decision of variations to fit your needs. By taking these actions with this step, not only will your mindset be ready to tackle class, but also establish good energy with your instructor and pole pals!

Mental Prep

Be prepared to be challenged with the moves during class, some of which you may not get on the first try. Pole dancing is a difficult sport that will require more than 1 beginners class to fully nail the movements. Be sure to ask any questions to your instructor and practice the move multiple times. You may mess up a move, but that’s okay! Your beginners class should feel like a safe space - others students in the class would also share the same feelings.